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Rainforest Bowls - Olive Wood Honey Spoon

Rainforest Bowls - Olive Wood Honey Spoon

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If you love watching cooking shows (or maybe product commercials), you’ve probably seen chefs and homecooks drizzling honey to oatmeal or pancakes. It’s a definite eye candy moment that always leaves you drooling but there’s something about seeing a wooden dipper in a honey jar that makes the entire experience even more mouthwatering. So, why not have one for yourself to elevate your morning meals?

Get your hands on this beautiful Olive Wood Honey Spoon from Rainforest Bowls. With this tool, you can easily scoop honey out of the jar without worrying that this sticky sweetener might drip all over your counter and make a mess.

Our beautiful olive wood honey dipper spoons have been crafted by artisans using wood from the best breed of Tunisian olive trees. With deep grooves, this honey spoon will surely capture enough of the liquid gold to fix your sweet cravings.

Made in Tunisia