Rainforest Bowls - Horizons Coconut Planter

Rainforest Bowls - Horizons Coconut Planter

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Imagine sunlit horizons each time you water your plant. Turn it into an exotic-looking living centerpiece with the Horizons Coconut Planter.

From the base to the planter itself, everything that makes up this pot is handcrafted from a reclaimed coconut shell. It brings a tropical island vibe to your home and makes good use of coconut waste too!

Around this coconut shell pot are horizontal cutouts, which tend to remind one of beach horizons at sunset. This slotted design can even provide the roots of your orchids and other temperamental plants with adequate ventilation and sunlight, letting them thrive in style.


Diameter: 3.9-5.1” (10-13 cm) Height: 3.5-4.3” (9-11 cm)

Made in Vietnam